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5 of the Best Events to Have at the Rainwater Conference Center

Thursday, July 06, 2017

5 of the Best Events to Have at the Rainwater Conference Center

The Rainwater Conference Center was established in 2000 to fill a need to the community of Valdosta as well as everyone who came to visit the area. The conference center has rooms available that can be transformed to fit anyone’s dream for multiple events. Here are 5 of the best events to have at the Rainwater Conference Center:

1. Business Meetings

This is the most basic event that the conference center can hold and they can create any type of seating arrangement. Companies and business owners can choose a classroom style setting, banquet setting, theater area, and even a show venue space, whichever fits their needs the best. Depending on the space a person chooses, these meetings can hold anywhere from twelve people to more than one thousand.

2. Weddings

Weddings are one of the most popular events at the Rainwater, due to the magnificent views and the beautiful setting. Couples can choose the perfect space for their special day and the staff will assist with the rest of the planning, right down to the smallest details. The food is prepared by an excellent chef and culinary team and is paired with drinks that complement the meal.

3. Showers

Baby showers, bridal showers, or any other type of shower that a person wants can be held at the conference center. A room can be chosen that will fit the number of guests and the staff will turn the room into a delightful space for the duration of the shower. Those in charge can choose the food and drinks that will be served as well as the colors of the décor.

4. Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are fun, no matter how old a person is turning. After all, there is no shame of someone turning twenty-nine for the ninth or tenth time, right? These parties can be arranged where the birthday person knows all the details or they can be done as a complete surprise with the room being dark as the birthday person arrives. The possibilities are endless and the staff is prepared to cater to any requests, no matter how small.

5. Family Reunions

Family reunions can be fun, but they can be a lot of work too. To take some of the pressure off, the people in charge can let the staff at the Rainwater Conference Center do as much work as possible. The staff can take care of the decorations, food, and drink, so that everyone else basically just needs to show up and have fun. There are too many other potential events that can be held at the Rainwater Conference Center to count, but these will give everyone an idea of how the space can be used and how versatile it is. Before anyone looks elsewhere for a venue for their next event, they will want to visit the Rainwater Conference Center and see for themselves how wonderful their event can be there.

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