Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant | Valdosta - Lowndes County, GA



Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant

4143 N. Valdosta Rd.
Valdosta GA 31605
Phone: 229.333.0848
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authentic family recipe Italian food at Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant in Valdosta, ga
authentic baked ziti at Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant in Valdosta, ga

With recipes created in Italy and passed down through generations, this restaurant showcases the best in fine Italian dining. Guests are treated like family as they enjoy classics such as chicken parmigiana, fettucine alfredo and bruschetta or specialty dishes such as rack of lamb, soft-shelled crab and lobster ravioli. Pair the meal with a curated list of wines and cocktails for an additional indulgence. This restaurant also offers family-style take home meals, delicious desserts and homemade bread.

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